Tuesday, January 1, 2008

My vacation is almost over...

I feel like it's been FOREVER!!!! since I last blogged. It's amazing what happens when you take a step back, look at your life and BREATHE. It's good. It's important. And there were quite a few days that I think it kept me from getting sick. Was on the verge. But didn't tip the boat to "sick town"...amazing...getting through the holidays without sickness. Unprecedented. And much appreciated. I had a few naps with our dog. Laughed with the kids. Made cookies. Good stuff. In fact, my next mini album will be called "Good Stuff" and I am going to fill it with everything good in my life. My camera is going to go everywhere with me. I am excited and ready to notice everything. See how peppy I am?! A vacation was just what I needed.

But now it's almost over. I am back to work/posting/proofing/concentrating-more-than-15-minutes-at-a-time in 2 days. I'm ready for it. That feels nice. :)

I am going to Limited Too with my family tomorrow to go shopping with our daughter...who has a gift card and is just feeling the power of buying any clothes she wants. But then when Jan 3rd hits, I have so many pictures to show, I just don't even know where to start. Get ready. :)

For tonight, check thisout. It is the yearly list of all words banned at Lake Superior State University. It is hysterical and current and cultural and wonderful. I will continue to use the statement "it is what it is" because I love it, but I love this list. It's going in the scrapbook for sure.

Happy new year everyone. 2008. Wow. I really feel old, cuz time seems to be whizzing by. I'm holding on tight for the ride of my life. With eyes wide open.

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