Saturday, January 26, 2008

I don't know about you, but I spend a lot of time looking at surfing, reading, skipping from one to another. There's an endless supply of inspiration, vulnerability, pain, beauty...artists on the cutting edge, design aplenty.

Do you ever get SO much inspiration, that it becomes so much stimulation and amazement, that you no longer feel like being creative? The net goes from being the ultimate source, to being the creativity sucker of your soul.

I just got done watching "Dead Poet's Society" of my all time favorite movies (I love any movie that makes me cry). "Seize the day" is the theme. How much seizing am I doing? How much time do I spend WATCHING other people live their lives instead of LIVING mine?

Sometimes I feel like I have SO much inside, so much that I want to get out. There is an artist that made a necklace that said "my heart is set on living"...I love that.

I'm going to stay in the moment, live my life, enjoy my family, stay in the present, stay with my feelings. And maybe use a timer when I'm reading blogs. :)


Anonymous said...

Everything you said is true! Wow! I've been listening to a song from Switchfoot called 'This is your Life' The lyrics say 'Don't close your eyes, today is all you've got now. This is your Life, are you who you want to be?' I love it! Thanks for sharing your thoughts too! JW

Jerrie said...

Hi. I just popped over from Ali's blog. This post fits me to a 't' right now! It seems like the more inspiration I have (blogs, magazines...) the less creative I am! Good idea with the timer...

Love your blog...It is very fun and pretty. :)

gekke mum said...

i agree - and this is why you will get a glut of comments from me, and then i catch up & then go back to life. same for my posting i suppose.