Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Happy Tuesday!

I'm sick today.
And I have to do my taxes.
I figured that for such a day, I needed a peppy owl on my blog banner. :)

Oh, and my mom is really wondering why I feel such a need to put on my business cards that I'm a coffee drinker. I dunno. It could be ANY random piece of information...I wanted to add a quirkiness, a bit of personal info that made my clients feel at home, like they know me. I could just as easily say:
Sea Otter lover
bubble bath taker
acne fighter
milkshake drinker
loud talker
life enthusiast
cookbook reader
you get the idea. :)


Anonymous said...

Love the owl. Feel better!

Tawn said...

i too love sea otters for their cuteness. however, we made the HUGE mistake of WAITING to watch the "special" feeding at the Moterey Bay Aquarium. boy oh boy...that was a waste of an housr of my life (in waayyy too crowded space) that i will never get back.