Friday, January 4, 2008

16 years

anniversaries are good. We are not celebrating a day, or that we got through it, or that we made it so far...we are celebrating every day ahead of us, knowing that we will be right next to each other through it all. Love is important, as is passion and commitment. But for everyone out there, seriously, our marriage would not exist without it being based on the firm foundation of something greater than ourselves. God has been that Rock...the One that doesn't change...the One that brings truth into the confusion of arguments...the One that loves unconditionally. Feelings are fragile. God is not. :)

We are going out to eat (if my stomach will settle down...still fighting a bit of the ick) and then to a movie. We don't do presents, since it's right after Christmas and we are gifted-out. Most of the time we do cards, but this year my dear hubby came to me with sorry eyes and said he didn't get me a card, but he did blog for me. Cool. Nice. That's great.

Until I read it. Seriously, I have the best husband. Ever. Read it
here. He is my dreamboat. My constant admirer. Someone who makes me laugh daily. Someone who makes me smile when he's not around. His arms are the safe place I long to be. Thank you Sweetie.

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