Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Setting: In the car, on the way to school, with the background smell of something small decaying under a minivan seat.

Daughter: Can I take Oreo (a large stuffed panda bear) into school today?
Mom: No, you cannot.
Daughter: Will you at least watch Oreo to see if she moves or does something?
Mom: Sure sweetie.
Son: He will not move.
Daughter: Yes he will.
Son: No he won't, he's NOT REAL.
Daughter: Well then how did he climb from the foot of my bed to cuddling with me this morning?!
Son: That's happened to me before. That doesn't mean he's real.
Daughter: HE IS REAL!
Son: NO HE'S NOT! (head about to explode)
Mom: stop. it's okay.
Son: well, I get to stay up late and you don't (said in a singsong voice) because I'm older.

Well played young son. Well played.


Anonymous said...

The treasure of having a sibling. I will never understand, as I am an only child. What a blessing! Lots of smiles!! JW

Anonymous said...

can i just tell you how many times i have accessed your site just to listen to your music while i work. You rock sister! Thanks! :0)