Thursday, October 11, 2007

In Rememberance of a Good Dog.

I took pictures of this wonderful dog over a year ago. The vets told her owners that she probably didn't have more than 3-6 months. Well, she hung on tight til this week. Brain tumor, deaf, more problems I can't remember now...and just the happiest dog ever...really, just the sweetest thing.

I got an email from her owner yesterday letting me know the sad news. "I will always be so grateful to you for taking Goldie’s pictures in June of ’06 …the best thing I have ever done was have you photograph her. Your pictures will enable us to remember her forever. Though you probably didn’t even know it, you provided me so much comfort during the last 2 days."

Goodbye sweet Goldie.


Jennifer said...

oh I didn't even know the dog and I am over here crying. I am so sorry for their loss. What a beautiful dog graceful dog.

Anonymous said...

oh no..sniff sniff..

Anonymous said...

so sad