Tuesday, May 29, 2007

this picture is here so that I will remember to cheer up. Tomorrow, my daughter has to go to the dentist to start the process of getting an expander put in her mouth to correct a cross bite. This is probably the only orthodontic work she will need (which is good, cuz my son needs major work done and I can't sell BOTH my kidneys!), but I just feel pained about this.

You see, I had an expander when I was a kid. I know too much. I can't just brush it off...it's hard to talk and there will probably be some tears, which just breaks my heart. I am dreading tomorrow.

Okay, I'll just think happy goldfish. :) happy goldfish, happy goldfish. (sigh)

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Anonymous said...

Ian wore one for 6 months last year with NO problems. I hope Maggie's experience is the same!