Monday, May 7, 2007

thank God I don't have a Mercedes!

During my mad dash in the minivan in the rain to Joann Fabric (in search of a scrapbook book) with a 40%coupon in my hot little hand, I notice 2 things.

1st...I smelled like bacon. We had breakfast for dinner and it's pretty impossible to get rid of that smell. This made me think of the fact that I won't take a shower til after I workout tomorrow, which means that I will smell like bacon while I workout...not the worst smell, but not one of my top 50 choices.

2nd...I really dislike my windshield wipers. The kind I have start on either side of the car and overlap to meet in the middle. As I was driving, I noticed how almost every one's wipers wipe in unison, going in the same direction, like little synchronized swimmers. My wipers...not so much. The left goes up, and then the right has to go super fast to do it's little job and then get back in time for the left to overlap it again. I realized how much anxiety this causes me. What if the right one feels a little slow and they crash into each other?

While I was thinking all this, a truck drove next to me and must have driven through a small lake and drenched my entire front window, leaving me without any visibility for what seemed like an eternity (probably only 2 seconds). Maybe I should be showing my wipers a little more faith and love.

By the way, the smaller Mercedes only have one large driving a large cyclopes. Thank GOD I don't have a Mercedes. I don't think I could take it.


Anonymous said...

okay love the music! Although we changed it to the rainbow connection!! buy the way we didn't smell bacon when we were with you today!hehe

Anonymous said...

I can take it! I have to say - I've been fascinated with wipers like yours too. As for the bacon scent..I have 2 comments. YAY, breakfast for dinner! This used to be our standard Tuesday night dinner. #2 - Costco carries (in the refrigerated section by lunchmeats & salami) pre-cooked, thick cut bacon. I will never go back.