Thursday, May 17, 2007

I just found out that the principal at the kid's school is taking a different job...

let me go back...I LOVE this principal. He's done a great job and he makes the school a bright and fun place to be.

Plus, there are a WHOLE lot of changes going on...teachers leaving, teachers taking new positions, etc. It doesn't seem like people are leaving cuz there's a problem, but they are all happening at the same time.

I HATE change. well, I like change that I can rearranging furniture or getting a new hairstyle (actually, the hair causes me great it's really just rearranging furniture that I'm okay with).

All I want in my kid's school is a creative place for them to be...and nurturing...and safe...and educational...and fun...and inspiring...a place they want to go and I don't get that feeling in the pit of my stomach when I drop them off.

I need to let go...God is in control, not me. (big sigh here...can you hear it?...and some deep breathing) It's time to listen to the Rob Thomas song, "little wonders" (see my song box to the right) starts off "let it go, let it run right off your shoulder, don't you know..." I'm sure I'm not getting that right, but there's something about it that speaks to a true control freak like me.

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Tawn said...

oooh - I can relate. Our church is actually going through this right now. Lot's of changes. No major "split" or disagreements...just lots of changes that happen to happen at similar times