Monday, April 9, 2007

amazing things...and laundry day

Okay, something totally amazing happened today.

First, let me go back in time...a few years ago, I lost ooddles of weight doing Weight Watchers. Did it online, felt great, loved feeling better in clothes. Then we moved. And I've been on and off ever since, and gained back more than I had started with originally. I blaim big portions and my increasingly absent metabolism.

In the last 4 weeks, I have been getting up at 5:45am (!!!) 5 days a week to go to the gym and I have not lost a single pound. Frustrating. So last night I prayed that if God wanted me to do Weight Watchers, that I would get an email invitation to rejoin, and maybe a discount for the re-joining fee.

Guess what was in my inbox this morning?!

So, I'm back in the Weight Watcher's groove. And while I don't believe that God prescribes to any certain weight loss plan, I do believe that He cares about my health and how I feel about my body. :)

It's a quiet Monday here besides the inbox revelation...just folding load after load of laundry, and maybe even some ironing...hubby will be shocked!

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Tawn said...

ironing schmironing...isn't that what damp towels and the dryer are for? :)
interesting - i just started a new food plan today. NOT a diet. pthhh I don't have enough roomhere to tangent. maybe i'll blog about it tomorrow !